Dental Implants

 A Solution of Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth

 Did you know that dental implants are frequently the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth?  Rather than resting on the gum line like removable dentures, or using adjacent teeth as  anchors like fixed bridges, dental implants are long-term replacements that Dr. Greenwell places in the jawbone.  Statistics show that 69% of adults ages 35 to 44 have lost at least one permanent tooth to an accident, gume disease, a failed root canal or tooth decay.  Futhermore, by age 74, 26% of adults have lost all of their permanent teeth.

Twenty years ago, these patients would have had no alternative but to employ a fixed bridge or removable denture to restore their ability to eat, speak clearly and smile.  Fixed bridges and removable dentures, however, are not the perfect solution and often bring with them a number of other problems.  Removable dentures may slip or cause embarrassing clicking sounds while eating or speaking.  Of even greater concern, fixed bridges often affect adjacent healthy teeth, and removable dentures may lead to bone loss in the area where the tooth or teeth are missing.  After more that 20 years of service, the vast majority of dental implants first placed in the United States continue to still function at peak performance.  More importantly, the recipients of those early dental implants are still satisfied they made the right choice.  If properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime.  We have locations in both Radcliff and Louisville for your convenience and would be happy to treat you for dental implants at either location.